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Senate Passes Human Services Omnibus bill, their job is not done!
On Tuesday, April 18th, the Minnesota Senate passed the Human Services omnibus bill, by an astounding vote of 63-4. 
The bill includes many proposals important to ARRM members and waiver services that support people with disabilities including:
  • Increase to the Competitive Workforce Factor across all waiver services, to support Direct Support Professional wage increases
  • Adjustments to the wage and inflationary adjustment in the DWRS
  • Recruitment and Retention bonuses for Direct Support Professionals
  • ICF/DD Rate Adjustments
Please take a few moments to send your Senator a message, thanking them for their support of this important bill and making sure they know their work is not done!
*Please note: Senator Bahr, Senator Lucero, Senator Wesenberg and Senator Howe did not support the bill and are not included in this action alert. If any of these Senators are your personal Senator, please send them a separate message about how important it is to increase wages for Direct Support Professionals that support people through disability waiver services.
Urge Leadership to Prioritize the Human Services Budget Target
As we head toward the “committee deadline” phase of the session, attention is turning to forthcoming announcements of “Budget Targets”. Budget Targets are set by the leadership of the MN House and Senate and lay out the total amount of money each legislative committee will have to spend as they decide what bills to advance into negotiations between the House, the Senate, and Governor’s office. There are many important Human Services legislative asks this session - including desperately needed investments in waiver-funded disability services.  Given those critical needs and the recent announcement of the state’s continued significant budget surplus, MN House and Senate leadership must hear from as many people as possible about the need for a large Human Services budget target.  
Urge Legislators to act quickly to support disability waiver services
The 2023 legislative session has officially begun. Let's make sure that legislators know how critical it is to support disability waiver services and to take action early in session on higher wages for Direct Support Professionals.