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Support Older Adults in the FY23 Budget
Congress is back in sessions, which means that the House Appropriations Committee is getting ready to vote on spending limits and funding levels for Older Americans Act (OAA) programs, critical to older adults as well as caregivers. 
In the last round of negotiations, Congress failed to reach a consensus on the overall FY 2023 budget numbers. Recently House Democrats revealed their initial proposal of $1.6 trillion in spending for defense and non-defense discretionary programs. This is similar to the President's proposed FY 2023 budget. However, final spending bills still require your support! As advocates, we must secure the highest possible spending levels for OAA programs in order to support older adults and caregivers. 
During the COVID-19 pandemic, the aging network met the relentless demand for services using innovative service delivery designs. Now, we need to ensure that FY 2023 appropriations reflect the ongoing and growing need for the innovative and essential aging services that developed as a result of the pandemic. Funding levels need to be sustainable and appropriators must understand the work of the aging network, why it matters, and that this work needs to be funded. 

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