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Ask Congress to Support Tax Credits to Offset Uncollectable Debt
The COVID-19 pandemic and the ensuing closure and reduced activity in food away from home businesses has resulted in up to $5 billion in outstanding accounts receivable for foodservice distributors that may never be recovered.  Providing tax credits to cover the uncollectable debt restaurants owe to distributors will ensure that you are able to extend trade credit to your customers to help them get back on their feet.  Please urge your Senator to support tax credits to offset uncollectable debt in any future stimulus package.
Ask Your Lawmaker to Support Changes to the Paycheck Protection Program to Help Distributors and Operators
As the government moves to reopen the economy, foodservice distributors will play a vital role. The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) in the CARES Act is an essential first step, but it can be made more effective.  Please write your legislator to ask that PPP funds be used for any allowable uses of the 7(a) loans which includes payment for inventory, supplies, and raw materials. In addition, Congress should reduce the percentage of PPP loan money that must be spent on payroll in order for the loans to be forgiven to no more than 50%.  This would allow operators to use some portion of these funds to settle outstanding debts and ensure that distributors can extend credit to their customers as they restart their businesses.

Our Issues

Tell Congress to Support Our Heroes
 Foodservice distributors are an essential critical industry, and our teammates are selflessly working to keep the food supply chain operating at a high level and to keep American citizens fed during this time of crisis.  Please urge Congress to include tax relief from federal income taxes and payroll taxes up to $50,000 for these key essential critical infrastructure workers during this difficult time.
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