Stop bill that lets Polymet pay fire sale prices to turn Superior National Forest land into an open-pit sulfide mine

PolyMet wants 6,650 acres of Superior National Forest land, including thousands of acres of irreplaceable wetlands, for their proposed open-pit sulfide mine. Take action today to stop a bill that would short change taxpayers by forcing a land exchange that sets a lowball price for thousands of acres of public land. 
Rep. Rick Nolan introduced a bill (HR 3115) over the 4th of July weekend to force the Superior National Forest to approve a PolyMet land exchange based on an appraisal that values public land at $550 per acre.
Why is that price so low? The Forest Service told their appraiser specifically to ignore the fact that this land would be used to build an open pit mine. Other mining companies have recently paid significantly higher prices to private landowners for similar property that they want to use for mining-related uses. And federal law requires that taxpayers and public land users get equal value for any exchange of land with a company. 
If Rep. Nolan’s bill becomes law, all challenges to this land exchange on behalf of taxpayers would end and this land exchange would move forward. If PolyMet wants to destroy public land for their sulfide mine proposal, the very least they can do is pay a fair price for it.
We need you to tell Senator Amy Klobuchar, Senator Al Franken and Representatives Tim Walz, Keith Ellison and Betty McCollum to oppose HR 3115. 

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