Help Us Take Action - Contact Congress: Stop New Tax on Individuals and Trusts and Estates In Budget Reconciliation

Call to Action!  There Is A New Additional Tax For Individuals And Trusts And Estates.
Despite the progress we’ve made in holding back harmful tax increases on families and their businesses, the Build Back Better Act still includes a significant threat due to two surtaxes imposed on high-income earners.  
A 5% surtax on individuals who make over $10 million, but that surtax would apply at ONLY $200,000 of income FOR TRUSTS AND ESTATES!  And the additional 3% surtax on those making more than $25 million would apply at ONLY $500,000 of income FOR TRUSTS AND ESTATES!!
Many families hold their business in a taxable trust and would be unjustly singled out with these extraordinarily low thresholds! This is wrong, unjust and makes no sense.
Contact your member of Congress!
Tell them that Trusts and Estates should pay the same rate of surtax that individuals do; if there has to be a surtax at all! Do not discriminate against them!

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