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Call or Write your state legislator to SUPPORT EVV Transition Relief NOW!
Implementation of EVV has been challenging and costly to our state, home care providers, and MCOs. Many providers have undergone multiple system integrations and continue to be challenged with data accuracy due to vendor system issues and other factors. This results in data that cannot be accurately validated to allow for the submission of a timely claim for payment and this is not acceptable.
On March 23, 2018, HHSC announced that the contract with MEDsys will not be renewed, expiring on November 6, 2018. This will require over 600 providers to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars delivering thousands of new devices, re-training all of their staff on the new devices and phone numbers, retooling all software interfaces with the new system, retraining back office staff on administration of the new system and increased back end visit maintenance that will result in increased staff time and overtime hours during the course of the transition. 
These costs must be reimbursed.  Contact your legislators today and request the following transitional relief:
  • Cease all recoupments by MCOs for all providers back to April 2016.
  • Provide a streamlined process for all providers to appeal the recoupments related to EVV, administered by HHSC.
  • Suspend compliance plan during transitional period for all providers.  Both the transitioning providers and providers who are already using Data Logic may be impacted by this transition. 
  • Allow transitioning providers to bill for the visits required to install the new Small Alternative Devices.  HHSC already has a billing code and established rate used by home care providers to install home Telemonitoring equipment (99090). 
  • Port the 1-800 number related to the MedSys system so that providers may continue to use their assigned number.  This will decrease some of the training costs for the direct service worker.
  • Allow for the transfer of both client and attendant ID to Data Logic system.  This will decrease the cost of assigning new IDs and the training required to ensure direct service workers utilize the new IDs.
  • Allow visit maintenance to stay open during the transitional period.
Your Representatives and Senators must know how this is impacting your business and the care of your clients.  They are here to help you and take action with HHSC on your behalf.


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